Thursday, June 19, 2008


We're Calling This One A Success

By Champions of Unfancy

Precisely double the number of vendors we had last year. More than twice the number of attendees and definitely triple the good time. The second annual was proof that people are interested in hand made food. Rillettes, chocolate, honey, ricotta, craft ales, local authors, tortillas, and ready to eat pork plus ice cream. Seeing people in the bar, leaning against the pool table with ice cream cones and beers in their hands was all we really needed to get it that something about the event was really working.

Thanks to all those who helped make the show happen- first and foremost the staff at the East River Bar and all the producers who hawked their wares, Annaliese Griffin (our publicist for the last couple weeks), Nancy Nowacek who provides us with our emblem each year, and all the extra hands that made ice runs, delivered beers to vendors and put money in the juke box.