Monday, March 16, 2009


In the grand scheme of things, a beard is pretty tough to beat. Brother beards are like an earthquake wrapped in a hurricane nestled in a box of tsunamis.

Rick and Michael Mast, proprietors of Mast Brothers Chocolate, have a pair of natural-disaster strength beards. The brothers Mast practice parity in a conventional approach to their respective plumage, but the subtle aesthetics are commendable.

Michael Mast dons an appropriately chocolate brown beard at a medium length. Rick Mast’s beard is rich with crimson hues and is gradually longer at the chin. The beards’ charmingly rugged mien conjure up implications of great craftsmanship. Neither is favored more than the other, but a complimentary balance is struck.

These pilose brothers can be found haunting the fuzzy streets of Williamsburg.