Thursday, November 19, 2009


Thanksgiving Market Sunday November 22, 2009
South Street, between Beekman Street and Peck Slip
On the East River waterfront in Lower Manhattan
11:00am to 4:00pm

"[New Amsterdam Market is] inspired by history’s most engaging public markets, which bring together commerce, place, and culture. Of special interest are the market district of Les Halles in Paris, whose destruction is now appreciated as a loss to that city and every facet of its society; and the covered market halls of Britain, whose potential for revival has been proven by the recent reinvention and success of London’s Borough Market.

To be comprised of retail and wholesale vendors including butchers, grocers, mongers, farmers and provisioners, bakers and distributors, brokers, importers, and sellers of cooked foods, New Amsterdam Market will follow a local tradition, set by the market halls of old New York. Reaching their last zenith in the early 19th Century, emporia such as Fulton Market, Washington Market and Jefferson Market were lauded for the bounty and quality of their offerings, which attracted visitors from the entire city and far abroad.
Reinvented for our present time and needs, New Amsterdam Market will incubate a new and growing business sector: purveyors who source food directly from farmers and producers whom they trust to be good stewards of our land and waters. Centered in this Region - once called New Netherland - New Amsterdam Market will foster a renewed appreciation for our natural environment and its ongoing potential to nourish. And as true of public markets, New Amsterdam Market will be accessible to all, striving to diminish the economic, social, and educational impediments to sound nutrition.
The democratic and cultural vitality of public markets has long made this civic institution worthy of municipal and philanthropic support."