The City Collection

Monday, October 10, 2016

As a salute to each of our flagship cities; Brooklyn, London and Los Angeles, we introduce the City Collection. Sourced with ingredients from beloved locales and purveyors, the collection highlights six distinct blends in each collection.

By tapping into the likes of; Andrew Tarlow, restauranteur and hotelier, behind establishments - Diner, She Wolf, Marlow & Daughters, and the Wythe Hotel, we present the our Brooklyn Collection. Sisters Hopie and Lily Stockman of Block Shop Textiles, infamous for their bold geometric designs inspired by the architecture and palette of downtown L.A., Joshua Tree, and Jaipur, was Los Angeles' creation. And lastly, one of our favored photographers David Post was our muse for the London collection which features the city's urban architecture and landmarks.

Explore the sophisticated chocolate varieties behind each of our flagship cities.

Crafted to capture the heartbeat of the city, the Brooklyn Collection features the following varieties; Brooklyn Blend, Olive Oil, Rooftop Chili, Rye, Smoked Maple, and Vanilla & Salt

A sentimental nod to London's culinary flair, the collection features the following varieties; Black Treacle, Gin, London Blend, Rhubarb & Custard, Tea & Milk, and Vanilla & Smoke

Full of soul and movement like the city of Los Angeles, the collection features the following varieties; Horchata, Los Angeles Blend, Miso & Sesame, Piloncillo, and Popcorn

Discover the series here.

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